The Importance of Good Nutrition

If you want a healthy lifestyle, in addition to a consistent workout regime you’ll also need a balanced diet. Sadly, with today’s media and advertising focusing on fast food and sugary drinks it’s easy to end up with eating habits that don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs to give you maximum strength and energy for the day.

It’s probably easier than you think to get the right vitamins and minerals in your system, and whole foods are what you want to focus on. Check out these five things to watch out for and include in your daily food regiment:

veg basketFruit and Veg

You absolutely must eat a good variety of foods throughout the day. Remember that your 5-a-day recommendation of fruits and vegetable is a MINIMUM, not a maximum. Yummy things like vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit are the core of a high quality diet and not things you should consider as an afterthought, once you’ve finished your burger!

Watch your salt intake!

The potassium/sodium balance is essential for hydration of your cells, so you still need salt to remain healthy… you probably don’t want to eliminate it from your diet completely. However, it is important to focus on good quality salt… I really love Himalayan sea salt because it contains a lot of other important minerals

healthy raspberriesToo much sugar?

You should know that sugar doesn’t have to be completely eliminated from your diet for you to be healthy. The main thing to focus on is to try to make the majority of your sugar intake to come from fresh whole fruit. Even fruit juice is best kept to a minimum because the lack of fiber you get from eating the fruit will result in an insulin spike from the instant sugar your body gets. Obviously processed sugars should be avoided on the whole, but no one will expect you to always miss out on a post meal dessert.

If you follow these basic principles, you’ll be making great steps towards a better overall healthy future. Just like alcohol, don’t binge eat and always stay hydrated with plenty of water… and yes, it needs to be plain water, not sugared or caffeinated… filtered and mineral is best.